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Video Shows Workers Being Sprayed With Toxic Weed Killer

When Daryl Ivy responded a Craigslist job posting as a truck driver for Applebee Aviation, he didn’t expect to be sprayed with toxic chemicals that caused him to cough up blood.

Travis Gettys via The Raw Story:

A whistleblower recorded hundreds of videos showing helicopters spraying toxic weed killers onto Oregon timber workers below.

After answering a Craigslist job posting, Daryl Ivy spent 17 days this spring working as a truck driver for Applebee Aviation in Douglas County, where he said chemicals stained his windshield and caused him to cough up blood, reported Oregon Live.

The 45-year-old Ivy eventually sought treatment at a hospital, where he was decontaminated and placed in isolation before he was diagnosed with acute chemical exposure and contact dermatitis.

A monitor from the state’s Department of Forestry was at the site last month, during one of the times Ivy recorded video, but did not report any violations.

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The (Psycho)path to Liberation

PSYCHOPATH'S_BIBLE_COVER(Unfair warning: If you seek to gain anything from Dr. Hyatt’s work by your own willpower and mental processes, then do not read this article, for it defeats the entire purpose of reading and rereading his book.)

“Do not take anything in this book literally! Wait, on second thought, take it all literally!” – Joseph Matheny’s quote on the back of the book.

Do you ever wonder what would be possible if you decided to completely rid yourself of limitations – social, psychological, and otherwise? Would you use such methods to assist your fellow beings, or to manipulate them for your own ends? A book for such desire exists, and to be Limitless is the goal of all who persist through it. First-time contributor Donovan, here, to share my thoughts on Christopher Hyatt’s work, The Psychopath’s Bible.

I’m a twenty-something, sheltered white-male in the middle of a state that is filled almost entirely with suburbs.… Read the rest

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