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Oops! Hip Cosmetic and Fashion Companies Sponsored “Guantanamo” Themed Party at Coachella

Coachella: cool bands, good times…Guantanamo?

Flaunt magazine’s “New Guantanamo” party has a few people shaking their heads, including its one-time sponsors: cosmetics manufacturers Smashbox and fashionable jean designers True Religion.  The party invite features images of scantily-clad women carrying assault rifles and the promise of “Pleasurable Torture” sponsored by the two companies.

Since the story broke on website Refinery 29, (Warning: Nudity. Not safe for prudes and busybodies – like this guy) the two companies have been scrambling to distance themselves from the resulting media blow-out. Smashbox’s representatives say that the company is pulling out, claiming that they didn’t know about the event’s controversial theme. True Religion has pulled out as well.

At the time of this writing, Flaunt is going forward with their party, but a statement given to website Buzzfeed hints that might be considering some changes to the event:

“In its 15-year history, Flaunt has not shied away from controversy or provocation.

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