Goldman SucksIn celebration of this paragon of capitalism, Goldman Sachs, on April 30th we’ll be giving away copies of Danny Schechter’s latest documentary on Wall Street fraud, Plunder: The Crime of Our Time (available now on DVD and iTunes) for those who Tweet the following:

Let’s Give Goldman Sachs Their Own “Shitty Deal” #Plunder #GoldmanSucks #FreeFriday

(If you haven’t heard of the “shitty deal” yet read here.)

As always the more you Tweet the above phrase, the greater your chances of receiving a copy of Plunder on DVD. Here’s the trailer:

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So we are giving away copies of Jim Marrs’ latest book, The Sisterhood of the Rose, (while supplies last!) to folks who tweet the following on Friday, December 18th:

The Sisterhood of the Rose Will Save The World @disinfo #books #FreeFriday #Sisterhood

And yes, the more you tweet this, the greater your chance is of receiving a free book.

For more information about The Sisterhood, please check out the companion website,, and read this special message from the author.

Here’s a trailer we made the book:

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