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Sierra Leone Man With Uranium in His Shoe Arrested at JFK Airport

2303390“Brawndo shoes  got what athletes crave: They’ve got uranium.”

Via BBC:

A man from Sierra Leone has been arrested at New York’s John F Kennedy airport with uranium samples allegedly concealed in his shoes.

Patrick Campbell was charged with attempting to broker a sale of 1,000 tonnes of yellowcake uranium to Iran. He allegedly made the offer to US undercover agents, thinking they were representing the Iranians.

Samples of raw uranium ore were found beneath the inner soles of his shoes, an agent said in a US court complaint.

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Does Safer Nuclear Power Exist?

Photo: Stefan Kühn (CC)

Photo: Stefan Kühn (CC)

Can thorium be a safer alternative to uranium? China thinks so. The Telegraph reports:

This passed unnoticed –except by a small of band of thorium enthusiasts – but it may mark the passage of strategic leadership in energy policy from an inert and status-quo West to a rising technological power willing to break the mould.

Chinese scientists claim that hazardous waste will be a thousand times less than with uranium. The system is inherently less prone to disaster.

If China’s dash for thorium power succeeds, it will vastly alter the global energy landscape and may avert a calamitous conflict over resources as Asia’s industrial revolutions clash head-on with the West’s entrenched consumption.

China’s Academy of Sciences said it had chosen a “thorium-based molten salt reactor system”. The liquid fuel idea was pioneered by US physicists at Oak Ridge National Lab in the 1960s, but the US has long since dropped the ball.

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Uranium Is Getting Some Glowing Reviews On Amazon

By MG Siegler at TechCrunch:
Did you know you can buy uranium ore on Amazon? Well you can. It’s actually been on sale for a while — BoingBoing pointed it out back in 2007. But talk of it has recently started popping up around the Internet once again this past week. Our sister site CrunchGear did a quick post pointing it out last week. Since then, a whole new batch of great customer reviews have been flowing in, as Amazon CTO Werner Vogels points out today. Some of the negative reviews note that uranium is “bad for you.” ...
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