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Unlimited Vacation Time Policy Results In Less Time Off

Alright employed disinfonauts, if your company institutes a policy of unlimited vacation time, would you take more or less vacation than you do now? Think twice, because at a British company that actually tried it, employees felt too guilty about taking time off and ended up taking less vacation than they did before, according to Slate:

Sir Richard Branson may be the most high-profile advocate of unlimited vacation days, but he’s far from the only entrepreneur entranced by the idea. His announcement last fall of the new policy for some employees at Virgin set off a flurry of press coverage of other firms that were succeeding with similar policies (as well as a few pieces offering skeptical pushback).

But just because unlimited vacation time sounds amazing for employees doesn’t mean implementing the idea is without its pitfalls. Even with a committed team and a culture of responsibility you can run into trouble.

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Russian Firm Reveals Plan To Build Hotel In Space

768px-Earth_&_Mir_(STS-71)Looking for a real getaway? It sounds more sci-fi than real, but outer space may be a future vacation spot. Daily Mail reports:

Russia yesterday announced plans for a hotel in orbit 217 miles up which would house seven guests in four cabins and have huge windows for views of the Earth turning below.

Just getting there will be an adventure in itself – it will take two days aboard a Soyuz rocket – and it won’t exactly be a budget holiday: A five day stay will cost you £100,000, on top of £500,000 for your journey.

The hotel, or the Commercial Space  Station to give it its proper name, is due to open by 2016 and, according to those behind it, will be ‘far more comfortable’ than the International Space Station used by astronauts and cosmonauts.

In the weightlessness of space, visitors can choose to have beds that are either vertical or horizontal, while showers will be sealed affairs to stop water going where it shouldn’t (those aboard the International Space Station must make do with sponge baths until they return home).

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