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American Exchange Student In Germany Gets Rescued From Giant Vagina Sculpture

"My art has been commended as strongly vaginal." (Pic: Twitter)

“My art has been commended as strongly vaginal.” (Pic: Twitter)

An “unidentified man” (I’m sure he’s identified to hell and back at this point if you really want to go looking, I don’t.) became trapped inside a giant sculpture of a vagina. Firefighters were called. Pictures were taken. Next time, try a little foreplay first.

An American exchange student was saved by firefighters after getting stuck inside a giant sculpture of a vagina.

The unidentified man reportedly climbed into the marble artwork in Tubingen, Germany, on Friday as part of a dare.

But, once inside, he found he couldn’t get out.

Five fire trucks and 22 firefighters were needed to help slide the man — who’d become lodged in by his legs — to freedom.

via American student rescued after getting stuck in giant vagina sculpture in Germany – NY Daily News.

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Jodorowsky 1.0


Nashville, TN is experiencing a Alejandro Jodorowsky renaissance this month with the Belcourt Theatre’s screenings of some of the auteur’s most important works, leading up to the local premiere of his new film, Dance of Reality.

My fellow local film writers and I all respect the master’s outlandish visuals, his passion for the surreal and his esoteric spiritual explorations, but, of course, his movies aren’t for everyone. After last week’s screening of The Holy Mountain I kept thinking about the film — I’ve watched it many times and this most recent viewing was the second time I’d seen it on the big screen. I came away wondering if I’d seen any other films that paved the way for Jodorowsky, and while early surrealist cinema certainly deserves a nod, if you want to know where Jodo’s roots really dig in, you have to look to the stage, not the screen.

Here’s what the Mutantspace site has to say about Jodorowsky’s Melodrama Sacramental performance piece from 1965…

Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s ‘Melodrama Sacramentral’ was a happening presented by his group, The Panic Movement at the Paris Festival of Free Expression in 1965.Read the rest

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