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Nico the Icon


Nico was a fashion model, an actress and a siger/songwriter who is best known for her time with The Velvet Underground and her contributions to their debut album The Velvet Underground and Nico. The Warhol Superstar is familiar to cinephiles for her gorgeous turns in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Warhol’s Chelsea Girls.

Christa Päffgen was born in Nazi Germany in 1938. Her father was killed in the war. By the age of 13, she had quit school to sell lingerie. At 5′ 10″ with outrageous cheekbones, she was a star model on the rise while still in her teens.

While taking acting lessons in New York with Lee Strasberg, Nico met rockers like Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. Jimmy Page produced her first single and Bob Dylan wrote the song “I’ll Keep it with Mine” for her to perform. An introduction from Jones got Nico into Warhol’s inner circle and the rest is history.… Read the rest

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Moe Tucker: Tea Party Member, Patriot

The Velvet Underground in 1966, with Tucker pictured on bottom-right.

The Velvet Underground in 1966, with Tucker pictured on bottom-right.

Noted percussionist and original member of the Velvet Underground, Moe Tucker has recently been pursued by mainstream media for “her support of the Tea Party movement”. Left-wing and right-wing media and politicians have seized upon her statements and a brief appearance on a local news broadcast (a year and a half later) to celebrate or decry her positions and use her as a pawn in their respective arguments, but both sides are ignoring the truth of her message, which is the pressing need for a true third party option in the United States.

She does, in fact support the Georgia politicians that comprise the local Tea Party, but with a close parsing of her comments and viewpoints what you find is a very straightforward approach to reforming the bloated government and endemic corruption the American people are seeking today.

Moe Tucker is not a right-winger, just looking for representative democracy (from the news video clip):

My anger stems from the unbelievable (criminal!) waste of money on pork and earmarks.

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