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Some European Nations Installing Raw Milk Vending Machines

Pic: Lesyeuxpourvoir (CC)

Pic: Lesyeuxpourvoir (CC)

Don’t expect this in America any time soon. The feds aren’t very keen on raw milk, which they consider a health hazard. Me? I don’t drink milk at all. Lactose intolerant and all that. Miss ice cream, though.

Via EcoLiving:

Compared with pasteurized and homogenized dairy, the news source argues that raw milk offers a wealth of nutrition—all without the drawbacks of oxidized fats, denatured proteins, antibiotics or growth hormones typically found in pasteurized and processed milk products.

Given the purported benefits of raw milk, multiple European nations have installed self-service vending machines that provide 24-hour access. Michel Cantaloube, who helped introduce the machines in France, the UK and Spain, hopes to expand the venture into a similar vending machine for raw yogurt.

Other countries like Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands have begun to install their own raw milk vending machines as well.

However, the U.S.

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Crab Vending Machines: For A Living Snack On The Go

The future of fast food that's alive? Nanjing, China has unrolled vending machines that sell living, crawling Shanghai Hairy Crabs for prices between $1.50 and $7.50, depending on the crustacean's weight. The units have been placed in subway stations, meaning that there's a distinct possibility of live crabs getting loose on the train -- another stress added to the morning commute.
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