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If We Fought Cancer Like The War on Drugs

The war on drugs has been an abysmal failure since it’s half-witted inception.

It is based on many faulty assumptions, not least of which is the ridiculous idea that treating normal people who happen to use drugs like criminals will somehow help them stop using drugs. When we apply this same logic to fighting a ‘War on Cancer’, we see how utterly senseless and vile it really is.

This video is a much needed comedic ‘wake-up call’ to everyone who doesn’t get that attacking drug users (or cancer victims) is a bad way of doing anything.

If you enjoyed that video, please take the time to listen to the full length podcasts SRSLY WRONG 48 – DRUG WARS EPISODE IV: THERE’S NO HOPE and SRSLY WRONG 49 – DRUG WARS V: WHITE SUPREMACY STRIKES BACK.

So, when you’re going out into the world today, we want you to remember just a few things:
– The drug war has been a massive, 40 year failure.… Read the rest

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This ‘Bubble Porn’ Video Is Probably Safe For Work (But Not Your Filthy Mind)

Ever heard the saying “less is more”? The “Bubble Porn” video is only as lurid as your preconceptions. It’s like that scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke is about to enter that spooky tree and asks what’s inside. Yoda replies, “Only what you take with you.”

Well, I suspect that most of us will be taking a good bit of redtube into this particular tree.

An aside – remember when you were a kid and actually had to hunt for pornography? Kids these days will never know the thrill of uncovering “wood porn“, unless it’s in a discarded thumb drive. (Hint: Leave it the hell alone.)

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Victorian Phenakistoscope Animations Repurposed For Music Video

Filmmakers Keith and David Lynch used images from vintage Victorian phenakistoscope discs in this music video for “The Hope of a Favourable Outcome” a song by Canadian composer Carly Paradis. If you’re into film scores, then you may know her already for her piano work on the soundtrack to Duncan Jones’ excellent science fiction film Moon.

Via The Verge.

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Let’s End Unboxing Videos

One of the oddest manifestations of the Cult of Conspicuous Consumption are “unboxing” videos. Just search “unboxing” and you’ll find tons of YouTubers documenting every stage of unpacking a newly purchased product (even incredibly banal ones) as if it were a rare and delicate archaeological artifact, and often with the same breathless exuberance such a discovery might elicit. I don’t hate them, though. I’ve watched a few, and I think that they appeal to the curious, always foraging monkey brain that’s still lurking under all of that fancy-pants upjiggered human temporal cortex.

In any case, I think that this guy nailed the worst attributes of unboxing videos. Funny stuff.

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