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World’s Largest Record Collection is Worth $50 Million and “no one gives a damn.”

ku-mediumIf you are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a fan of music you most likely left some of your paychecks in Paul Mawhinney’s Record Rama. Although his record-breaking record collection has been on the block since the store closed in 2008, he still has no buyers. Valued at over $50 million dollars, Mawhinney cannot unload the vinyl for even a measly $3 million. Hipsters everywhere continue to search their couch cushions in hopes of raising the money in loose change.

via Gizmodo

If you’re looking for a sign that we live in a digital world that cares not for the physical manifestations of our analog past, you need only look at Paul Mawhinney’s record collection. At over 3 million records, it’s the largest in the world. He’s trying to sell it due to his advancing age and health problems. Unfortunately, as he puts it, “no one gives a damn.”

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Band Presses Vinyl Record On Chocolate

1The glitch-y electro tunes by Scotland’s Found seem perfectly fine, but the real treat is their groundbreaking edible, playable vinyl pressing. Ah, art meant to be consumed with all five senses — is this the future of physical product for the music industry? Via DesignTAXI:

This record can easily go from turntable to coffee table. Scottish band Found, looking for an inventive new way to release a new single, baked up a sugary idea: to press the 7” record on chocolate.

The band enlisted the help of a friend, baker Ben Milne who, after several failed attempts, managed to successfully created the Willy Wonka-like treat; the entire record, including the paper label, is edible. While not audiophile quality by any stretch, the chocolate disc plays a decent version of the band’s “Anti-Climb Paint” single.

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Turn Your Remains Into Vinyl When You Die

1152164572_78f5b5b60bA British company called And Vinyly promises to do just that for a fee of £3,000. Pets and body parts accepted. After your passing, rotate forever on your relatives’ turntables, preferably in the form of ‘Kokomo’ or something else similarly cheery:

When the album that is life finally reaches the end wouldn’t it be nice to keep that record spinning for eternity? We offer you the chance to press your ashes in a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations. Record a personal message, your last will & testament, your own soundtrack or simply press your ashes to hear your pops & crackles for the minimal approach.

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Messages Hidden In The Grooves Of Records

Decades ago, morality watchdogs feared that Satanic messages were hidden in the music and lyrics of rock records. In fact, they were hidden in the records’ matrices (the portion of the vinyl near the center) where nearly-invisible messages can be printed. The Public Collectors site does a nice overview of the hidden-matrice-message tradition:

Black Flag – “Damaged” (SST)

Led Zeppelin – III (Atlantic)
Side A: blank
Side B: Do what thou wilt

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