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Prada Revolutionaries: Confessions of a Recovering Solutionist

Pic: Robert Scoble (CC)

Pic: Robert Scoble (CC)

I wrote a personal retrospective on Bruce Sterling’s Viridian Design movements, along with the Bright Green tech and socially responsible business movements, for the five year anniversary of the end of the Viridian Design mailing list.

Via Technoccult:

Today we have garbage continents and ocean acidification. The latest ICC report tells us that even if we do manage to gouge our emissions, we’re still in for some rough climate change. And cutting emissions still looks as unlikely as it did to me in 2003 and as it did to Sterling in 1998.

Any sane person would look at the evidence and say the Virdian/Bright Green movement failed miserably. But here’s the thing: The Viridian Design movement may have failed in its goals, but accomplished its objectives.

Green is hip. Green is sexy. And the more affluent you are the greener — and therefore hipper — you can afford to be.

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