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The Man Who Vandalised a £5 Million Rothko Painting Gets Jailed for Two Years

"Blue on Black", Mark Rothko (C)

Let’s make one thing crystal clear
We don’t want no ism here
– Dog Eat Dog “ISMS”

Years of jail time seems a heavy price for a publicity stunt. On the other hand it appears the act of vandalism in question carried a price tag of £200,000. You have to have an impressive ego to think you’re going to ‘improve’ on a Rothko and surely must be unaware of Dadaism if you think “Yellowism” sounds new and exciting? The Guardian reports:

A man who vandalised one of Tate Modern’s most cherished Mark Rothko paintings has been jailed for two years for actions the judge described as “entirely deliberate, planned and intentional”.

Wlodzimierz Umaniec, also known as Vladimir Umanets, a 26-year-old Polish national who lives in Worthing, West Sussex, pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to criminal damage in excess of £5,000. In this case it was well in excess, with estimates suggesting it will cost more than £200,000 and 20 months to restore.

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