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2010 Fortune 500: Wal-Mart’s Number One

Fortune 500 has come out with the top ranking stocks of 2010. Wal-Mart’s taken over the top stop, pushing Exxon to number two. Did the lack of employment encourage consumers to shop at Wal-Mart where they “roll back prices”? Read the Top 1000:

Rank      Company                      Revenues               Profits
1               Wal-Mart Stores        378,799.0               12,731.0
2               Exxon Mobil              372,824.0               40,610.0
3               Chevron                      210,783.0               18,688.0
4               General Motors         182,347.0               -38,732.0
5               ConocoPhillips          178,558.0               11,891.0
6               General Electric        176,656.0               11,891.0
7               Ford Motor                 172,468.0               -2,723.0
8               Citigroup                     159,229.0               3,617.0
9               Bank of America       119,190.0               14,982.0
10               AT&T                        118,928.0               11,951.0

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Wal-Mart’s Competitors Help Fund Activist Campaigns

StopWalMartWhen we helped Robert Greenwald distribute his classic exposé documentary Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, we trumpeted the fact that we were receiving support from a panoply of unlikely allies, from the Sierra Club to the Petroleum Institute. It turns out that some of the megastore’s competitors have been helping out too, according to this report by Ann Zimmerman for the Wall Street Journal:

MUNDELEIN, Ill.—Robert Brownson long believed that his proposed development here, with its 200,000-square-foot Wal-Mart Supercenter, was being held hostage by nearby homeowners.

He had seen them protesting at city hall, and they had filed a lawsuit to stop the project.

What he didn’t know was that the locals were getting a lot of help. A grocery chain with nine stores in the area had hired Saint Consulting Group to secretly run the antidevelopment campaign. Saint is a specialist at fighting proposed Wal-Marts, and it uses tactics it describes as “black arts.”

As Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

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24 Hours Inside Walmart

If ants ever make it to the top of the food chain, it might look something like this. From Bernstein & Andriulli:
Stephen Wilkes took a photo every 10 seconds of the day for a time-lapse video inside Walmart for Fortune magazine. All in all, 8,640 frames were taken (1,800 that are actually used) and the entire 24 hours is compressed into two minutes. The shoot took place on April 6, 2010 in New Brunswick, New Jersey from 9:14 am [sic] to 9:14pm. Says Photo Editor Lauren Winfield, “The inspiration was to show that Walmart never sleeps… open 24 hours with no real daylight, you have no sense of what time of day it is. We wanted to see what the traffic flow of people coming in and out of the store looks like as a day in the life.”
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Wal-Mart Fires Associate Of Year, Cancer Patient, For Medical Marijuana Use

Smiley Says No PotSteve Elliott writes on Toke of the Town:

Despite medical marijuana being legal in Michigan, WalMart has fired a cancer patient and former employee of the year who tested positive for the drug, which was recommended by his doctor.

“I was terminated because I failed a drug screening,” ex-WalMart employee Joseph Casias told WZZM-13.

In 2008, Casias was Associate of the Year at the WalMart store in Battle Creek, Mich., despite suffering from sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor. ​At his doctor’s recommendation, Casias legally uses medical marijuana to ease his pain.

“It helps tremendously,” Casias said. “I only use it to stop the pain. To make me feel more comfortable and active as a person.”

Casias said he went to work every day during his five years at WalMart. “I gave them everything,” he said. “One hundred and ten percent every day. Anything they asked me to do, I did.

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Working For Walmart


Outside the Wal-Mart in Orland Hills, IL, by Clean Wal-Mart.

Kevin Robinson writes on Chicagoist:

As part of our on-going coverage of Wal-Mart’s attempt to break into the Chicago retail market, we take a look this week at the company’s employment practices in the Chicago metropolitan area. Chicagoist met up with three Wal-Mart employees to talk to them about their jobs, company policy, and why they work there.

Roslyn Lindfair also knows what it’s like to be hurt on the job at Wal-Mart. She worked at the Cary, Illinois store for five years as a cashier before she was fired after her arm got caught in a turnstile.

“It was maybe about 7:30, I was ringing up a customer, and she was turning the turnstile one way, and I was turning another way. And it hit me in my arm. It hurt, and I just kinda waited a while, and I noticed my arm started swelling up.

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Detroit Schools Offer Class in How to Work at Wal-Mart

Muriel Kane writes on RAW Story:

Wal-Mart has been widely condemned for offering its employees only low-paying, dead end jobs. Even President Obama criticized Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign for having served on Wal-Mart’s board and stated that the firm ought to pay “a living wage.”

In inner-city Detroit, however, where the unemployment rate is estimated at an astonishing 50%, the prospect of a Wal-Mart job may appear far more attractive.

Four inner-city Detroit high schools have decided that employment with Wal-Mart is an opportunity worth training their students to pursue. The schools have teamed up with the giant merchandiser to offer a for-credit class in job-readiness training that also includes entry-level after-school jobs.

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Man Arrested for Peeing on Steaks at Ohio Wal-Mart

Anyone think Wal-Mart's going to resell the steaks? ALWAYS LOW PRICES! : ) Pete Kotz writes on True Crime Report:
Wal-Mart Always Low PricesWhen heading off to jail, it's best to commit a crime that will provide you with a manly story to tell your fellow inmates, something a little more desperado-like than, say, knee-capping a rival figure skater. Working as a hired gun for the Mafia always sounds good... Armored car heists always have a nice ring to them. And even if you're not quite up to something this ambitious, you can still trot out the old resisting arrest. Unfortunately, Robert T. Jenkins now sits in jail with probably the worst criminal tale ever. He was arrested at a Wal-Mart in Canton, Ohio for peeing on steaks. Yes, you heard that right. Cops were called to the store after Jenkins simply walked up to the meat counter, pulled out his manly apparatus — which we hope isn't capable of reproduction — and begin peeing on the steak selection. No one seems to know why he did it, unless he was practicing a bold new form of marinating.
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Wal-Mart Uses Fake Community Group to Manufacture Support

From the Chicagoist:

The controversy over Wal-Mart’s attempts to break into the Chicago retail market has flared up again recently. Opponents argue that Wal-Mart drives down wages, destroys local businesses and leads to no net increase in jobs or tax revenue for the city.

Wal-Mart and its allies contend that neighborhood residents deserve to have a say in what happens in their neighborhood, and people that don’t live there should stay out of the matter. The lack of good options available to people that live on the South and West sides of Chicago has been well-documented, and it’s very plausible that there is a substantial and passionate movement in those neighborhoods to bring Wal-Mart to their communities as a solution. Wal-Mart would have us believe that such a sentiment exists, but it turns out that support for their expansion into the city is being manufactured by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, a local public relations powerhouse, and by Wal-Mart itself.

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Wal-Mart Sued for Videotaping Employees and Customers in Bathroom

StopWalMartNATHALIE TADENA writes on ABC News:

A Pennsylvania Walmart Supercenter videotaped employees and customers in a unisex bathroom, several former and current Walmart employees alleged in a lawsuit filed this week.

Seven former and current employees from the Tire and Lube department at the Walmart in Easton, Pa., filed a lawsuit in county court against the Arkansas-based corporation and four local managers Dec. 21.

Several employees discovered an “off-the-shelf” video camera in a store bathroom March 31, 2008, according to the court filing. The unisex bathroom, which also served as a changing room, was used by employees and customers. Customers and employees were not notifed of the surveillance, according to the court filing.

“I am incredulous that anyone would think that it’s appropriate conduct for any reason to photograph people in a changing room and bathroom,” said Erv McLain, the plaintiffs’ attorney.

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Another Wal-Mart “Shoplifting” Nightmare

From HuffPost:

On December 3rd, a 15 year old black girl will enter a Juvenile Courtroom in Davenport, Iowa to face charges of shoplifting $39 worth of merchandise from the Wal-Mart superstore on West Kimberly Road. Hundreds of similar incidents take place everyday in the Wal-Mart Empire, and most escape notice by the media.

Destiny Crawford, the 15 year old defendant, denies she stole anything from Wal-Mart. But the ordeal she went through after the alleged incident doesn’t fit the crime.

According to the family, on August 2, 2009, James Crawford Jr. was shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart. James’ teenage sister, Destiny, was in his care while his parents made a short trip to Chicago. Destiny was accompanied by a schoolmate on the shopping trip. While James shopped for necessities, the two teenagers wandered through the aisles, trying on shoes, and looking at trinkets. In the bakery section, the girls met up again with James, who gave them his wallet and a bag of dog food, instructing Destiny to pay for the item with cash at the self-check out and to meet him outside at the car.

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