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Canada Trying to One-Up the US: Warrantless Wiretapping Announced

Canada – always trying to one-up the United States – has announced it, too, will begin warrantless wiretapping of phones.

Parliamentary bill C-55 would allow police to wiretap telephones without a warrant in an “emergency.” The government has announced it will move ahead with the proposal after throwing civil rights campaigners a bone by agreeing to withdraw an even more controversial bill: C-30. That measure would have required internet service providers to maintain systems for police to “plug-in” to online communications to make sure naughty Canadians weren’t looking at anything they weren’t supposed to.

C-55 will proceed to a vote in the House of Commons in the near future. On the CBC website, commenter “stopnthink eh” observed:

“They can listen without a warrant if they feel like harm may come to one of the parties involved. They are obligated to tell you at 90 days from when this starts… unless they choose to extend it to 3 years before they notify you.

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