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Newsweek to Cancel Print Publication; Go All Digital

In what is likely to be an insurmountable shock to internet-averse grandpas and people stuck in doctors’ waiting rooms everywhere, eighty year-old magazine Newsweek has announced plans to go exclusively digital. The magazine’s December 31 issue will be its last dead-tree edition. Its digital successor, Newsweek Global, will offer subscription-based web content for pads, smart phones, eReaders and computers. Needless to say, the transition will end up costing quite a few people their jobs, but there are no estimates as of yet.

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Why the Web Isn’t Dead – A Few More Points

WWW_logoLast week Wired’s incendiary cover story The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet stirred up quite a bit of debate. Wired ran a debate between its editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, FM Media founder John Battelle, and O’Reilly Media founder Tim O’Reilly that was particularly illuminating. I made a few points here, and have a few more to make at Mediapunk:

First it was getting listed by Yahoo!, then it was getting a good ranking in Google, now it’s getting into the Apple App Store. In each case, the platform owner benefited more than the person trying to get listed. This is not new. That certain sites – like Facebook at YouTube – have become large platforms is certainly interesting. That Apple, Facebook and Google have a disproportionate say over what gets seen on the Internet is problematic, definitely. But there was never any golden age when the Net was truly open.

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