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The Devil’s Finger Fungus Hatches Like a Xenomorph Egg

Timelapse of the ‘alien’ looking Devil’s Finger or Octopus Fungus emerging from its ‘egg’.

According to Sarah Keartes at The Nerdist, this “hatching” is actually an ingenious reproduction technique.

The tentacles are laced with a foul smelling tissue, specially formulated to attract flies and other insects. When bugs come-a-knockin’, they get to feed on the slimy substance, but not before their feet are coated with fungus’ spores.

It’s a tactic also used by many stinkhorn fungi, which (like the devil’s finger) belong to the order phallales. Once the insects leave the area, they bring the precious spores with them, and thus the lifecycle can start anew.

You can read more about the fungus at The Nerdist.

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The “Science” Behind The Plague Doctor’s Costume


The plague doctor costume was designed to protect the wearer from airborne illnesses.

Katharine Trendacosta via io9:

First up is the wide-brimmed leather hat. As we’ve discussed before, no job in the 17th century really meant anything unless it had an official hat. Lawyers had wigs, the clergy had a whole mess of headgear, doctors had these. Because you know how disease hates hats.

The birdlike mask—which may predate the outfit by several centuries—was a gas mask. Sort of. de Lorme’s description says the beak should be “filled with perfume” and herbs stuffed into it. That’s because of the miasma theory of disease.

Miasma theory posited that disease was carried by a cloud of poisonous vapor in the air, which was created by decay and could be identified by a bad smell. Following the logic that bad smelling air carried disease, it makes perfect sense that you could “cure” the air by making it smell good.

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We Should All Be Weird as Fuck

“We Should All Be Weird as Fuck” says Renée Padgham at Medium, and who are we to argue with that, disinfonauts?

“You’re so weird,” they say, smiling at me. It doesn’t matter who they are – they are a slew of friends, acquaintances, teachers, store clerks, strangers becoming friends – 80% of everyone who has ever spoken to me in my life. “You know you like it,” I’ll smile back.

People Have Always Been Weird

But why? I’ve spent a lot of time journeying, mentally and physically, in the past year trying to figure myself out. How do I relate to people in a way that makes them happy? How do I relate to people in a way that makes me happy? What causes friction in my life? What causes acceleration? I moved to New York (and back), I travelled Europe (15 cities, 10 countries), and I most recently threw myself out into the desert to burn some man down (sorry bro).

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Meet Augustus Invictus, the Florida Libertarian Who Loves Paganism, Civil War, and Goat Sacrifice

Augustus Invictus. Screencap via YouTube

Augustus Invictus. Screencap via YouTube

Over at Vice, Drew Millard profiles August Invictus, the Libertarian running for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat. Invictus is so controversial that Adrian Wyllie, the chairman of Florida’s Libertarian Party, resigned after “the party’s executive committee refused to tell Augustus Invictus…that he couldn’t be a Libertarian anymore.”

Millard via Vice:

There are a few reasons why Wyllie finds Invictus such a distasteful character. “Mr. Invictus has repeatedly vowed that it is his destiny to start a second civil war in America,” Wyllie wrote in a Facebook post announcing his resignation. He continued, “He has described himself as an American Fascist… He has expressed support for a eugenics program… Many of his supporters are known members of Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.”

While the Florida Libertarian Party didn’t out-and-out eject Invictus from its ranks, it did issue a press release Monday condemning the Senate candidate’s views.

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Self-Portraits Made From Human Blood


Every 5 years, artist Marc Quinn creates a mould of his head using his blood and silicone. Each week a doctor draws a pint of blood from Quinn which he then freezes to save for his next mould. He estimates that he uses about 260 pints for each project.

via Quinn’s site:

Self is a self-portrait of the artist, but one that literally uses his body as material since the cast of Quinn’s head, immersed in frozen silicone, is created from ten pints of his own blood. In this way, the materiality of the sculpture has both a symbolic and real function. The work was made at a time when Quinn was an alcoholic and a notion of dependency – of things needing to be plugged in or connected to something to survive – is apparent since the work needs electricity to retain its frozen appearance. A further iteration made every five years, this series of sculptures presents a cumulative index of passing time and an ongoing self-portrait of the artist’s ageing and changing self.

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Cult Leader Unleashes Giant Snail Plague

Giant african land snail
Giant African Land Snails, an invasive species, have infiltrated Florida, ravaging crops and having an overall devastating effect on agriculture. Robert Coolman at The Daily Beast explores the theory that the infestation was started by a cult leader.

Via The Daily Beast:

Living up to nine years and growing upwards of 8-10 inches long, they’re not quite the stuff of illuminated-manuscript margins, but their effect on Florida agriculture has indeed been legendary. Last year the eradication program had cost the state of Florida more than six million dollars.

It’s theorized the infestation traces back to a Miami-based religious leader named Charles L. Stewart, described by court documents as “El Africano” or “Oloye Ifatoku,” practicing the traditional African religion of Ifa Orisha (which is often confused with the Cuban Santería). According to an interview conducted by theMiami Herald back in 2010, a witness described the ritual thusly: he would “hold [the snail] over the devotee, then cut the [snail] and pour the raw fluid directly from the still live [snail] into the mouth of the devotee.”

The snail ritual was supposed to cure worshipers with medical problems, but instead they went to the authorities complaining it was making them violently ill.

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Scientist Hasn’t Bathed in 12 Years, Uses Bacteria Spray to Keep Clean

American scientist, Dave Whitlock, thinks showering every day is a pointless practice. “No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day,” he said. “I have not taken a shower in 12 years.”

Sumitra via Oddity Central:

….In fact, he says that the chemicals in our soaps and shampoos have destroyed all the friendly bacteria that once inhabited our skin and kept us clean.

Whitlock first started thinking about good bacteria when a woman he was dating asked him why horses liked to roll around in the dirt during summer. “The only way that horses could evolve this behavior was if they had substantial evolutionary benefits from it,” Whitlock explained. That’s when he realised that for the horses, this was actually a way of keeping clean.

Until then, no one had considered that skin bacteria was important and could be helpful to the body. “I didn’t have a biology degree – I wasn’t at an institution that was renowned for its biological research,” Whitlock said.

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Strange find in tunnels under Paris

Catacombs Paris 1

The Paris Police Force is tasked with policing the 170 miles of tunnels and catacombs running beneath the city of Paris. In 2004 they made an intriguing discovery.

Behind that, a tunnel held a desk and a closed-circuit TV camera set to automatically record images of anyone passing. The mechanism also triggered a tape of dogs barking, “clearly designed to frighten people off,” the spokesman said.

Further along, the tunnel opened into a vast 400 sq metre cave some 18m underground, “like an underground amphitheatre, with terraces cut into the rock and chairs”.

There the police found a full-sized cinema screen, projection equipment, and tapes of a wide variety of films, including 1950s film noir classics and more recent thrillers. None of the films were banned or even offensive, the spokesman said.

A smaller cave next door had been turned into an informal restaurant and bar. “There were bottles of whisky and other spirits behind a bar, tables and chairs, a pressure-cooker for making couscous,” the spokesman said.

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Fecal Feasters & Rimming Radicals: Homophobic Propaganda Poster from Brother Jed Smock


The above propaganda poster is brought to us by Brother Jed Smock. Bro. Jed is the President of Campus Ministry USA, which specifically targets students with “confrontational Evangelism.”

According to his website:

“Why do you preach on college campuses everyday? Are we the only sinners?” a student asked.

“No, but tomorrow you may be the influential sinners unless I cam [sic] persuade you to become influential saints!” I replied.

Bro. Jed also warns (for party animals only!) “that when [students] use drugs they are practicing sorcery.” In fact, he explains, Timothy Leary was a sorcerer.

Medical science teaches that one hallucinates under L.S.D.; that is, they see things that are not there. However, medical science does not understand the spiritual dimension of an L.S.D. trip. Leary taught that one sees things that are there; only they are not in the material, physical world, but the spiritual. Leary was a sorcerer.

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