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Strange find in tunnels under Paris

Catacombs Paris 1

The Paris Police Force is tasked with policing the 170 miles of tunnels and catacombs running beneath the city of Paris. In 2004 they made an intriguing discovery.

Behind that, a tunnel held a desk and a closed-circuit TV camera set to automatically record images of anyone passing. The mechanism also triggered a tape of dogs barking, “clearly designed to frighten people off,” the spokesman said.

Further along, the tunnel opened into a vast 400 sq metre cave some 18m underground, “like an underground amphitheatre, with terraces cut into the rock and chairs”.

There the police found a full-sized cinema screen, projection equipment, and tapes of a wide variety of films, including 1950s film noir classics and more recent thrillers. None of the films were banned or even offensive, the spokesman said.

A smaller cave next door had been turned into an informal restaurant and bar. “There were bottles of whisky and other spirits behind a bar, tables and chairs, a pressure-cooker for making couscous,” the spokesman said.

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Fecal Feasters & Rimming Radicals: Homophobic Propaganda Poster from Brother Jed Smock


The above propaganda poster is brought to us by Brother Jed Smock. Bro. Jed is the President of Campus Ministry USA, which specifically targets students with “confrontational Evangelism.”

According to his website:

“Why do you preach on college campuses everyday? Are we the only sinners?” a student asked.

“No, but tomorrow you may be the influential sinners unless I cam [sic] persuade you to become influential saints!” I replied.

Bro. Jed also warns (for party animals only!) “that when [students] use drugs they are practicing sorcery.” In fact, he explains, Timothy Leary was a sorcerer.

Medical science teaches that one hallucinates under L.S.D.; that is, they see things that are not there. However, medical science does not understand the spiritual dimension of an L.S.D. trip. Leary taught that one sees things that are there; only they are not in the material, physical world, but the spiritual. Leary was a sorcerer.

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This Guy’s Been Pissing Off His Neighbors with Outdoor Fetish Gatherings

this-guys-open-air-fetish-gatherings-in-rural-wales-have-been-pissing-off-his-neighbours-body-image-1440079103-size_1000Guy Masterleigh is the leader of the Tawsingham Society, which is a heritage-themed fetish group. Their outdoor meetings have pissed the neighbors. Vice sits down with Masterleigh to discuss the outrage his society has caused.

Becky Lamming via Vice:

A British heritage-themed fetish meeting group known as the Tawsingham Society was in the news this week for upsetting the neighbors. “We are in the school holidays and we like to get our kids out from computer games to enjoy our fabulous environment,” said one local from Bancyffordd in Wales. “Please do not permit outsiders to bring their disgusting habits here and tempt our young folk.”

Away from Bancyffordd, reactions were less negative. Many online commenters asked for the postcode and the incident netted the Tawsingham Society 50 new Facebook followers.

The leader of the society, Guy Masterleigh, has been running the fun and games at the site in Wales for six years.

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The Synchronicity Movie “Time Is Art”


The elements of the painting “Gaia” by Alex Grey are discussed with him in the film. Notice the Twin Towers on the right with a plane directly above it, all the smoke and the tree on fire. It was painted prior to 9/11. Synchronicity?

The Synchronicity Movie is a documentary film about an atheist who discovers that there is more than what we can see with our 5 senses. Hello friends, talk about strange things and Synchronicity right? As some of you know I get contacted by many people because of my writing. Readers, magazines, radio, TV, filmmakers and in this case NYC filmmaker Katy Walker. Yes, she read my article “Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-creator,” said she really loved it and posted it at the site for her NEW Docu-Movie “Time is Art.” Although the film has been shot, it won’t be released until 11/11/15 waiting on final production.… Read the rest

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How to Hide Your Enormous Erection


As the author of a totally weird book about sex called Raping the Gods, I often get phone calls and emails asking me how to get rid of a monstrous, ridiculous, and unwanted erections. It happens around 5-9 times a day actually.

What to do? You are pitching a tent in public, you feel like a total fool, and are about to break down into a hideous, ugly cry. I could tell you what I do, and it would help, trust me, but I still have a few months left on probation.

What about if you think of your male friends naked, press a can of coke against your dick, pinch your penis until it hurts, or fold your cock in half? Now you’re talking!

The following tips on “Killing the Erection is from our friends at ModernGhana.com. Read it and kiss your hard-on problems goodbye.

Think of Your Best Friend Naked

It’s a horrible thought, and the idea is that will very quickly kill your erection.

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“Demon” Baby Ultrasound


A man and his pregnant wife went to the doctor to get a routine ultrasound. They initially opted for the 4D ultrasound, but quickly changed their minds when they saw the photo. This is definitely one to put in the baby book.

David Edwards via The Raw Story:

In a post on the website Reddit late last week, a user shared a photo of an ultrasound that was posted outside of his doctor’s office.

“Wife and I went to get a ‘4D’ ultrasound of our unborn child,” the man wrote. “Saw this picture. Changed our minds.”

A 3D ultrasound is more detailed that traditional ultrasounds because they create a three dimensional image of the fetus. A 4D ultrasound goes one step further by creating a video of the 3D image.

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h/t Christian Nightmares.

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40-foot-tall Communal Spider Web Found in Dallas

Spiders in a Dallas suburb have built a giant communal web. Photo by Texas A&M/Mike Merchant

Spiders in a Dallas suburb have built a giant communal web. Photo by Texas A&M/Mike Merchant

Apparently spiders sometimes join evil forces and build gigantic spider webs. Dallas commuters realized this on Friday, “having spotted the sheen of giant silk shawls draped over trees and shrubbery, and filled with hungry spiders.”

According to Brook Hays at UPI, “a massive web has been located in the North Texas neighborhood of Lakeside Park, stretching nearly the length of a football field and rising as high as 40 feet.”

40 feet. Football field length. Filled with spiders. Let’s take a moment to let this all sink in.

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Elongated Skull Found at Russian Stonehenge


An elongated skull has been unearthed at Arkaim, otherwise known as “Russia’s Stonehenge,” and the alien theories have already started. Though, the most likely explanation is head binding.

Paul Seaburn writes at Mysterious Universe:

Researcher Maria Makurova announced the discovery to the Russian news agency TASS. She described it as “a well-preserved skeleton” of a female. The skeleton appears to be from the 2nd or 3rd century AD, most likely after the original settlement was abandoned by its first residents. Markurova speculates she was a member of the Sarmati tribe which lived at the time in what are now central Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

If she’s a Sarmati tribal woman, that might explain the elongated skull since they were known for head binding – the gruesome practice of deforming a child’s head by applying constant force over long periods.

That explanation will satisfy the skeptics but not those who believe that, like Stonehenge, Arkaim may have been visited and perhaps even populated at one time by grey aliens or another alien species with outsized skulls.

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Memory Loss Man: “We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before”

jodene e (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

jodene e (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

You wake up and go to a dentist appointment for a routine root canal. The treatment includes some local anesthesia. Everything goes fine. Except after the procedure, you can only remember the last 90 minutes of your life. This is exactly what happened to WO.

It appears that the dental procedure is not the cause of the memory loss and WO has no structural abnormalities in his brain. Scientists are understandably baffled.

So what happened?

via PsyBlog:

However, there’s no evidence that the dental procedure caused the condition.

This is what has puzzled the scientists.

Normally, such serious memory problems are accompanied by brain damage, typically in a structure called the hippocampus.

But, in WO’s brain there are no structural abnormalities.

Apart from the memory problems, WO seems the same as before, physically and psychologically.

He is capable of learning (although he forgets everyting within a day), his personality is the same and his intellect is intact.

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