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Haunted Curiosities’ Guide to Duping Goth Kids and Twilight Fans

vampire salesmanThere was a kid in my high school named Chris or John, but we all called him “Dick.”  He wore a trench coat and combat boots, and he started telling people he was an honest-to-goodness vampire.  He would cower in the shadows and play out an uninspired pantomime of retreating from the sun in pain.  I remember him telling us that he had woken up on the ceiling above his bed one morning.  He was clearly a resident of the highest social tier.

I haven’t thought about Dick in years, but last night I came across a grown-up version of him on YouTube, “Anthony, the living vampire,” being interviewed by a woman named DeeDee, who runs the Haunted Curiosities and Haunted Collector websites.

On the Haunted Curiosities YouTube channel, there are interviews with other “real” vampires, a djinn-possessed man, some witches, a dimension-hopping demon-slayer, and a half-breed (half vampire, half werewolf). … Read the rest

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Are Werewolf Reports Taboo Even for Cryptozoologists?

550660werewolfFriend of Disinfo Nick Redfern laments that cryptozoologists consider reports of werewolves beyond the pale in a short article posted to Mysterious Universe:

It’s sad to say that I have seen more than several cryptozoologists pour complete and utter scorn on 20th and 21st century reports of werewolves, even when they have never spoken to the witnesses or personally studied the cases at issue. And, I have personally witnessed certain elements of the paranormal crowd react in definitively defensive, arms-folded fashion when a suggestion is made that these beasts may simply be unknown animals, albeit of a pretty extraordinary nature.

Both camps need to lighten up, reconsider their stances, and think outside of the box. The fact is that there are more than a few creatures within the domain of Cryptozoology that have weird overtones to them, such as Mothman and Owlman, – hell, even Nessie and Bigfoot reports aren’t free of very high-strangeness, on occasion.

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Many Mesopotamian Monsters Malevolent and Malign

Via Cryptomundo: a recent issue of corporate publication Saudi Aramco World includes a Halloween-appropriate offering for its readers: a feature on monsters of Mesopotamia and their similarities to traditional Western favorites, like vampires, werewolves and zombies. Here’s a snip:

A particularly vivid description of a group of thoroughly evil, vampire-like utukku known as the Seven Spirits appears in a 3000-year-old Assyrian cuneiform incantation:

Seven are they!
Knowing no care,
They grind the land like corn;
Knowing no mercy,
They rage against mankind;
They spill their blood like rain,
Devouring their flesh [and] sucking their veins….
They are demons full of violence,
Ceaselessly devouring blood.

Charming, huh? Memorize it for your next public gathering!

Consider the ironies of an oil company publishing an article on vampires and read more here.

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The Werewolf Kung Fu Master

sukong-209x300From Human Marvels:

Sometimes a story comes along that contains so many fanciful elements one must assume that it is the work of fiction. Such is the story of Su Kong Tai Djin.

Tai Djin was born in China in 1849. He was born unique, afflicted with hypertrichosis. Unlike Jo-Jo, who would be born a few decades later, Tai Djin was born into a highly superstitious family. As A result they saw his affliction as the work of demons and he was left in the forest to die.

A Shaolin monk traveling through the forest discovered the child and took him back to the Fukien Shaolin Temple. There Tai Djin was raised by the monks.

He was trained in martial arts and it quickly became apparent that he was exceptional in both appearance and ability.

Perhaps the most amazing part of that much the story is true. Su Kong Tai Djin was a real man, he really did have hypertrichosis and he was associated with Shaolin.

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We Are All Werewolves! Sitting Now Podcast With Dr. Bob Curran

Via: SittingNow. Listen to the full episode here.

Finally, the triad of classic beasties have been covered on Sitting Now! First we brought you Vampires, then we gave you Zombies, this week we present you with a show about Werewolves!

Our guest this week, Dr Bob Curran

When it comes to discussing these iconic monsters, there is no better speaker than our old pal Dr. Bob Curran. Dr. Bob recently released his latest exploration of the mythological world in his fantastic book Werewolves: A Field Guide to Shapeshifters, Lycanthropes, and Man-Beasts.

In this week’s episode we discuss: The historical origins of the Werewolf myth, the Werewolf in classical literature, The Green Man, what do these mythological beasts tell us about ourselves, American folklore, and much more.

Never one to miss out on a good monster hunt, famous musical monster hunter Daddytank returns with his infinite supply of silver bullets.… Read the rest

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Did Lycans Renew The Patriot Act? Find Out on Disinformation World News

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the-wolf-man1254419594Patriot Act disappointment, the history of the Werewolf, and trans-species migrations, all this week on Disinformation World News.

Disinformation World News is a monthly news series with a humorous take on the strangest recent stories to hit the wire. Anchored by Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall, the series also featuring occult news from Austin Gandy’s Invisible College as well as little known history from Joe Nolan’s Insomnia.

We welcome listener-created segments, if they are of high quality. If you’re interested, please email me at ray@disinfo.com.

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‘Wolfgirl’ Investigated For Severing Dog Head

In light of the just-opened Benicio Del Toro film The Wolf Man, it’s important to realize that we are living among real-life wolf people:

Wolfie Blackheart is not an ordinary 18-year-old. She believes she is a wolf — technically, a werewolf.

And last week, she used a pocketknife in her kitchen to decapitate a dog — already dead, according to Wolfie — that had been missing since Jan. 5. “I severed the head, boiled the head,” Wolfie said. “People make the mistake of hacking the spine, which will fracture the skull…You also have to put (the head) outside for the brains to leak out.”

Wolfie has Tourette’s syndrome, which causes her to yip — a result of head trauma suffered in a car crash about a decade ago, her mother said.

She’s also a member of a wolf pack: “I’m a wolf, and I have a group of other friends who are canines,” she said.

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