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Bazooka Joe Artist Wesley Morse’s Porno-riffic Past

Who knew that the guy behind those little comic strips you get with a piece of Bazooka Joe gum was such a perv? Badass Digest has a selection of very NSFW (and racist to boot!) scans from artist Wesley Morse”s early days as a creator of “Tijuana Bibles.” You’d think that having a background in creating porn would have ruined Morse’s chances of finding work in the kiddy art market, but it was actually quite the opposite. These crude little stroke books were instrumental in developing his career:


It was his Tijuana Bible work that actually got Morse the Bazooka Joe job. Nowadays the discovery of porn in an artist’s past would be grounds for immediate dismissal, but things were way looser back then. Morse, who also created the ‘Copa Girl’ who would be the symbol of the Copacabana, drew Bazooka Joe strips until his death in the early 60s.

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