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Mysterious Light Blamed For Circle Of Fire In Australian Suburb

Between this and certain recent meteors, I feel like someone up there is angry. Seven News Queensland reports:

Tasmanian police and firefighters are unable to explain the source of a beam of light which reportedly fell from the sky and formed a circle of fire in a Hobart suburb.

Early Saturday morning police and fire crews received calls from concerned residents in Carnegie Street at Claremont, who reported seeing a bright light igniting a fire in a nearby paddock.

Tasmania Fire Service officer Scott Vinen says the blaze was quickly put out, leaving an obvious burnt patch. He says the bizarre incident has everyone baffled: “Once we put the fire out, we kind of walked through the fire and tried to find something…We thought a flare or something may have landed there, but we couldn’t find any cause.”

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As Texas Burns From Worst Wildfires In History, State Government Organizes Rain Prayers

road-smoke_34915_600x450Wildfire is ravaging the Texas landscape on a never-before-seen scale which will shatter previous records.

Governor Rick Perry’s response? He has commanded residents to pray for rain. No, not in a passing remark in a speech, but with an official decree designating “Days of Prayer for Rain” on which Texans will “offer prayers on that day for the healing of our land and the restoration of our normal way of life” and “to humbly seek an end to these dangerous wildfires.” No further comment needed.… Read the rest

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