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William Blake and the Fossilization of the Imagination

William Blake by Thomas Phillips.jpg

William Blake by Thomas Phillips

For all you Blakians, an essay on William Blake from Katherine Oostman at Medium:

William Blake was born in 1757, smack dab in the thick of the Industrial Revolution, and he was not happy about it. While the picture to the left implies a sense even-temparment stereotyped to the 18th century gentleman, with his mind, Blake was storming the streets of London, leading a war against apathy.

You might say he was a bit of a hippie.

The idea that the world’s metaphor had become a machine instead of a plant worried him. As a poet, an artist, his first duty was to the purity of society’s mind and soul, and London was thick with literal and metaphorical smog.

Ironically, Romantics such as Blake were not off in their fears; we see them manifested in today’s cultural makeup.

In his work, Blake blatantly addresses the chronic apathy weighing down London’s society.

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William Blake’s Super-Trippy Illustrations For ‘Paradise Lost’

BlakeSinDeathDevilOpen Culture spotlights William Blake’s surrealistic illustrations inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost. Blake was a fascinating character: An Outsider Artist before there was such a term. A mystic, poet and cultural radical (a 19th century advocate of “free love” among other notions), one wonders why there haven’t been a successful biographical film about this revolutionary figure.



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Free Will, Magick, and Deity

The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode 027 — Free Will, Magick, and Deity

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In the latest episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we explore magick and creativity as we speak with the mysterious electronic music composer Alka who was kind of enough to come on the show and share his music with us which is featured throughout the episode. In A Corner in the Occult we learn about famous, mystic, poet, artist, and engraver William Blake. Highly influential to artists and occultists, Blake has been a focus for scholars since his death as he continues to fascinate and inspire new generations. We learn about the phrase, “So Mote It Be” in the Essence of Magick. Have you ever considered the phrase itself and what exactly it implies as a practitioner of magick? Find out in this episode! Also during the show, I read listener email, we hear a great track by Donna Lewis and to close we revisit the ideas of Free Will, Magick, and Deity. Do you have free will in regards to your personal religious theology? If so, what does this mean in how you view deity? Find out this and more in this electronic episode!

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