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William F. Buckley Interviews Jorge Luis Borges

Great little bit of video from the always enjoyable Open Culture website: A conversation between William F. Buckley and Argentine short story writer (and so much more) Jorge Luis Borges.

Via Open Culture:

Despite his respected facility with the English language, Argentine master craftsman of short fiction Jorge Luis Borges did his best work in his native Spanish. Though we remember prolific interviewer and even more prolific writer William F. Buckley for his formidable command of English above all else, he didn’t even learn it as his first language, starting in on his English education at age seven, having already learned Spanish (not to mention French). This must have placed him well to appreciate Borges’ writing, and indeed, in his introduction to their Firing Line conversation above, Buckley cites Borges’ reputation as the greatest, most influential writer then alive. ”We met in Buenos Aires, in 1977, during the military junta days,” Buckley recalls of the taping in a Paris Review interview

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The Tea Party Is The New Birch Society

Before the Tea Party there was the John Birch Society, which decried "big government" as part of a communist plot to enslave America. These so-called "loonies in the basement" were kept in check for many years by the likes of William F. Buckley, who represented the more moderate, intellectually-grounded strain of the conservative movement. This clip John Birch speaking in 1958 is being circulated by the Birchers themselves to draw attention to the similarities:
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