Some have wondered what led a man like me into life as a hack. Well, here’s something I wrote years ago from the Hell of a cubicle, before turning towards life on the streets.

As someone who has researched and taught about sex work and human trafficking for more than two decades, I know that for some individuals, no amount of evidence or logic will change their opinion that sex work is intrinsically wrong.

For all of you long-term un- or under-employed disinformation readers, live long and prosper. From the Wonkblog: People often like to groan about how their job is “killing” them. Tragically, for some groups…

This was originally published on Philosophical Disquisitions. John Danaher is an academic with interests in the philosophy of technology, religion, ethics and law. He blogs at Follow him on Twitter and Facebook….

Filmmaker Andrew Norman Wilson‘s eerie short Workers Leaving the Googleplex reveals his brief time employed as a temp in video production at Google’s headquarters and how things went terribly wrong.

Google fancies itself as creating the future, and its system of separating workers into white, red, green, and yellow badge classes reads like a preview of how society will be organized in some dystopian future.

Wilson was fired and threatened with legal action after Google campus security caught him interacting with lowly yellow badge workers, who are not granted the privileges of red and white badge holders, such as riding Google bikes, eating free gourmet Google meals, setting foot anywhere else on Google’s campus, or even talking to employees with other badge colors, many of whom do not know that the yellow badge class exists:

Via the Baffler, David Graeber on the possibilities of revolution and the increase in “guard labor”: Under no conditions can alternatives, or anyone proposing alternatives, be seen to experience success. This helps…

As we have seen time and time again, one of the challenges of modern myths is their relative invisibility. It is the outsiders of any age, those who are alien to their…

Monday’s just around the corner, and with it the godforsaken shriek of the alarm clock. Oh, but to have five minutes more sleep… Well, how much is it worth to you?