Joe Rogan "Building 7 looks like a controlled demolition"

Joe Rogan takes on the Military Industrial Complex and questions World Trade Center Building 7′s Immaculate Collapse.

Thank you Joe Rogan! I hope you can convince many of the young warriors in MMA of the difference between Warriors and Soldiers. Soldiers do what they are told, Warriors make their own fate.

An article published by The Open Chemical Physics Journal in 2009 details that a team of scientists lead by a Danish University of Copenhagen researcher have found traces of what appears to be unreacted and partially reacted super-thermite, or nano-thermite, in four different samples of the World Trade Center dust collected by eyewitnesses. The unique compound shows immense reactivity to heat and ejects the same iron-rich spheroids observed in the ignition of commercial thermite.

An English-subtitled Danish television interview with the lead researcher, Niels Harrit, who believes that the discovery of this thermite compound implies foul play, is shown below, followed by an abstract from the research paper.

Media Roots Radio- Breaking Apart the Official 9/11 Coincidence Theory by Media Roots

This is a special 2 hour 20 minute episode of Media Roots Radio about the events of 9/11. In this edition, Abby and Robbie Martin introduce how their political awakenings were prompted by 9/11, and break apart the official government and corporate media narrative of the 9/11 attacks by discussing the foreknowledge, government complicity, and gross inconsistencies regarding every aspect of the events. The show then delves into the aftermath: the psychological manipulation of the American psyche and the significance that this event continues to have in our nation and world…

Paul Joseph Watson for InfoWars:

Newly obtained video that was reluctantly released by NIST after a lawsuit by the International Center for 9/11 Studies shows two firefighters on 9/11 discussing how secondary explosions occurred immediately before the collapse of the twin towers, providing damning new evidence that explosive devices were used to bring down the buildings.

Debunkers have repeatedly claimed that low-temperature burning jet fuel could weaken steel support columns…

Jay Dixit in Psychology Today, from 2007: By 2004, as the presidential election drew near, researchers saw a chance to study the Jost results against the backdrop of unfolding events. Psychologists Mark…