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Wyclef Jean Ineligible For Presidency, Or Is He?

Wyclef Jean has been singing about “If I Were President,” but Haiti’s electoral board says he is ineligible. Could the rapper’s position as roving ambassador override his lack of residency in Haiti? BBC reports:

Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean has said he will appeal against a ruling that he cannot run in Haiti’s presidential election.

Haiti’s electoral commission said that Mr Jean was ineligible to stand as the Haitian constitution requires candidates to have lived in the country for five years prior to an election.

The 40-year-old singer lives in the US.

But he argues that his role as a roving ambassador for Haiti since 2007 exempts him from the residency requirement.

The country is still recovering from January’s earthquake, which killed an estimated 230,000 people and left more than one million homeless.

Following the ruling on Friday, Mr Jean issued a statement saying he respectfully disagreed with the electoral panel’s decision, but accepted it and urged his supporters to do the same.

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President Wyclef

Why not? We had B-movie actor Ronnie Reagan as U.S. president and California has Austrian bodybuilder-turned-action-movie-hero Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor. Time reports on musician Wyclef Jean's bid to become president of Haiti:
Hip-hop, more than most pop genres, is something of a pulpit, urban fire and brimstone garbed in baggy pants and backward caps. So it's little wonder that one of the music form's icons, Haitian-American superstar Wyclef Jean, is the son of a Nazarene preacher — or that he likens himself, as a child of the Haitian diaspora, to a modern-day Moses, destined to return and lead his people out of bondage. Haiti's Jan. 12 earthquake, which ravaged the western hemisphere's poorest country and killed more than 200,000 people, was the biblical event that sealed his calling. After days of helping ferry mangled Haitian corpses to morgues, Jean felt as if he'd "finished the journey from my basket in the bulrushes to standing in front of the burning bush," he told me this week. "I knew I'd have to take the next step." That would be running for President of Haiti...
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