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Canada Says “No” to Yes Men website

The Yes MenNate Anderson writes on ars technica:

When corporate pranksters The Yes Men staged a December stunt against the Canadian government’s emission proposals, the group had no idea that the resulting backlash would take down more than 4,000 unrelated websites. Whatever you think of the hoax, the saga is a reminder of the power of ISPs and Web hosting companies. If they don’t like what you’re saying and doing, there are often no consequences to shutting down or blocking sites, even when tremendous collateral damage ensues.

The scenario played out in December when The Yes Men and another group called ActionAid staged a hoax aimed at the Canadian government. They put out press releases and launched official-looking websites at domain names with more than a passing similarity to their official counterparts. All of the materials said the same thing: on the eve of the international climate change shindig in Copenhagen, Canada was committing itself to the most aggressive emissions reduction targets of any country.

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Copenhagen Spoof Shames Canada; Climate Debt No Joke

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - "Canada is 'red-faced'!" (Globe and Mail) "Copenhagen spoof shames Canada!" (Guardian) "Hoax slices through Canadian spin on warming!" (The Toronto Star) "A childish prank!" (Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada) What at first looked like the flip-flop of the century has been revealed as a sophisticated ruse by a coalition of African, North American, and European activists. The purpose: to highlight the most powerful nations' obstruction of meaningful progress in Copenhagen, to push for just climate debt reparations, and to call out Canada in particular for its terrible climate policy. The elaborate intercontinental operation was spearheaded by a group of concerned Canadian citizens, the "Climate Debt Agents" from ActionAid, and The Yes Men. It involved the creation of a best-case scenario in which Canadian government representatives unleashed a bold new initiative to curb emissions and spearhead a "Climate Debt Mechanism" for the developing world...
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What Does Civil Disobedience Mean To You?

What does civil disobedience mean to you? That's what the identity-shifting Yes Men want you to know. Then, they want you to take to the streets and protest bad companies and bad ideas. Here's the thing - they want you to enjoy yourself while your raging against the machine! Check out the real men behind the Yes Men, as they reveal their true selves on Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

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The New York Times Outs The Yes Men

I’ve known the real names of The Yes Men ever since we signed a contract with them to publish their book, but I always thought that it was like a state secret known to very few people and never to be divulged … only to find while flipping through the pages of the “Style” section of the New York Times that those names had been casually dropped in what was a very lightweight piece of journalism. Was this the Gray Lady’s way of exacting revenge on the pranksters following their highly publicized fake New York Times?

“USUALLY it’s my shoes,” Andy Bichlbaum said, staring at his feet. “They’re black, but — uh-oh — they’re work boots.” Apparently a small detail like this can give you away when you’re trying to impersonate a corporate spokesman in front of millions of TV viewers.

A glass of whiskey in hand, Mr. Bichlbaum, who is one half of the prankster/activist duo the Yes Men, was greeting fans in the courtyard of the Hammer Museum where “The Yes Men Fix the World” was about to have its Los Angeles premiere.

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The Yes Men Punk the Chamber

Kate Sheppard writes in Mother Jones:

The Chamber of Commerce stunned DC on Monday by calling a last-minute press conference to announce a dramatic about-face in its climate policy—it would not only stop opposing the Kerry-Boxer climate bill but would work with them to make it better. But the whole thing turned out to be a hoax mounted by the Yes Men, a notorious band of anti-corporate pranksters.

Reporters received a press release early Monday stating that the Chamber would be “throwing its weight behind strong climate legislation” at an event at the National Press Club in downtown Washington, DC. But when I and others showed up, we were met by a fellow dressed in a suit looking like a typical corporate PR man. This wasn’t Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue. And I recognized him as Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum. (I’ve written about the group previously.) He soon was telling reporters, “We at the Chamber have tried to keep climate science from interfering with business.

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Balls Across America

Some of you may have seen my appearance with Andy Bichlbaum last week when he persuaded me to try on a Survivaball. Although I looked ridiculous, it was kind of cool to be a part of The Yes Men’s “Balls Across America” campaign, described as:

a series of civil disobedience actions involving Survivaballs. It’s inspired by the Climate Pledge of Resistance and BeyondTalk.net. “Balls Across America” was launched in prime-time on CNN, and now will spread across the United States, in lockstep with the distribution schedule of The Yes Men Fix the World!

Well as it turns out you can try on a Survivaball too. If you’re in New York or have friends who are, you are “invited to come wear the world’s stupidest costume and hand out coupons for a free fake New York Times with each ticket. We really need people to do this, because a lot of people don’t know our film is showing (not much money for advertising).… Read the rest

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Disinfo’s Gary Baddeley Talks 2012 On CBS News, Tries ‘Yes Men’ Survivaball

I was invited up to the GM Building where CBS News stages its Early Show. They wanted to talk about 2012 and host Cali Carlin and producer Rick Borutta did a great job of featuring our film 2012: Science or Superstition and our new website 2012sos.net. Unfortunately they also invited my old friend Andy Bichlbaum from The Yes Men, who brought along his latest creation, the Survivaball. Andy actually got arrested and jailed for over 24 hours while wearing one earlier in the week, so I suppose my 10 minutes or so wearing one weren't bad in comparison. Still, it isn't the most flattering thing I'll ever wear. Check it out for a laugh here: 2012 and the Survivaball Video
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