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Yoga-Whoring, MacMindfulness & the Spiritual Industrial Complex

by Sub-Meditator Marcos 

“Be the change AND use it to kick some arse.” — Mahatma Guevara

Wisdom traditions and bodymind practices such as yoga, embodied approaches to leadership, and meditation have been co-opted in service of the ruling corporate class. A radical alternative is now needed to what has become a Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC). This article is a battle cry for guerrilla teachers in the awareness industry who no longer wish to prostitute themselves to the 1%. 

Monks purchase toy machine guns at Karen State Day.

Monks purchase toy machine guns at Karen State Day.

The functions of the Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC)

Warped wisdom traditions and body awareness practices are now serving a number of harmful functions. This may be hard reading if like me you’ve dedicated much of your life to this field, please stick with it, the second half of the article is about how we can become spiritual warriors in a meaningful way. In brief, the SIC can and often does:

  • Make us suckers who accept the suck
  • Make us suck more
  • Help only the 1% to get unsuck
  • Helps the 1% make our lives suck more

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God, Somatics, & Psychedelic Sex w/ Serge Rokhman

Serge bio cropped podcast prmo smlSerge Rokhman joins us on ATTMind Radio for this episode to discuss the philosophical paradigm of God, the brain, psychedelics and (what he calls) Tryptamine Awakened Intimacy.

Serge is a researcher and technical innovator in various fields of personal, somatic, and psychological inquiry and self-development. Serge has studied deeply and widely in the fields of somatics, comparative religion, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, sustainability culture, alternative energy, and integral forms of leadership, management, and community building. Serge’s main area of expertise is in the field of spiritual emergency and spiritual emergence that result from non-ordinary states of consciousness, especially as these relate to issues of relational intimacy, sexuality, and personal creative expression.

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****Link to Serge’s Book, Tryptamine Awakened Intimacy to be Posted once available****

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The History of Hippies, Yoga, and Vegetarianism

children-sunIf you think you know the history of the Hippie movement, Yoga or vegetarianism in the West, and you haven’t read Gordon Kennedy’s Children of the Sun, think again. Packed with photos the late 19th century (including many of young men with long flowing hair that look as if they were taken during the 1960s), this is undoubtedly the best documentation of how naturism, yoga, vegetarianism, and much that we associate with the Hippie movement, got its start in Germany, and was imported to the USA close to the beginning of the 20th century.

After a while out of print, Children of the Sun was recently re-released. If you want a taste of his work, Kennedy was recently interviewed by Brian Chidester of the Eden’s Island blog. Here’s a couple of paragraphs from their conversation:

GK: At a time when America had just dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and most of the nation was celebrating the end of America’s biggest war, a tribe of German and Jewish-American kids had united together and were diving into pools under giant waterfalls in the desert, climbing avocado trees, hitchhiking through the mountains and deserts without a gun or a sleeping bag, living in caves, composing music, practicing yoga, playing flutes and, unlike the beats or hippies, doing it without pot, tobacco, acid, qualudes, alcohol, television, methadrine, coffee, or money from mom and dad.

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Dungeons & Dragons Yoga

D&D Yoga from 39forks on Vimeo.

D&D Yoga — the idea that these two activities and communities don’t have much in common turned out to be untrue. The guided adventure intended as an experiment left people asking when the group will meet regularly. Players were given a 10 sided die and a character sheet as they entered the space in Brooklyn, NY. They embodied a single character, “…a roguish rugged individual who has run afoul of the local law. You are given the opportunity to be absolved of your crimes. Your task at hand is to take this package to the ancient temple in the nearby forest and leave it in its proper place.”

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The McMindfulness Craze: The Shadow Side of the Mindfulness Revolution

Harry Koopman (CC BY 2.0)

Harry Koopman (CC BY 2.0)

Jeffrey B. Rubin at Truthout writes:

In case we had any doubt after watching Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes,” mindfulness is the new yoga – and we are in the midst of a mindfulness revolution. It’s been embraced by celebrities, business leaders, politicians and athletes; and recommended by doctors, clergy, psychotherapists and prison wardens. Apps and bestselling books touting the benefits of meditation proliferate. Google “mindfulness” and you’ll get over 24 million hits.

It’s not surprising that with unbridled enthusiasm about mindfulness come exaggerated claims and problems that are eclipsed. Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the architects of the mindfulness revolution, claims mindfulness “has the potential to ignite a universal or global renaissance that . . . would put even the European and Italian Renaissance into the shade . . . [and] that may actually be the only promise the species and the planet have for making it through the next couple hundred years.”

Backlash was inevitable.

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The Blood Soaked Road To Enlightenment: An Interview With David Metcalfe

Disinfonauts! Some have this idea that enlightenment can be bought one yoga mat at a time at Whole Foods, but is that the real deal? With so many soft core eastern traditions infiltrating western culture, how do we parse the legitimate from the bullshit?

I had a great conversation with Esotericist, Hermit, Santa Muerte expert and all around, great guy, David Metcalfe for my podcast and we tackle the subject of the Blood Soaked Road to Enlightenment.

I just had to share it with you all.

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Yoga helps war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

This article was originally published on The Conversation.
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By Flora Lisica, The Conversation

It’s no secret that yoga can aid mental well-being. What is more, it can help soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to new research.

Some of the most damaging consequences of seeing combat can happen in the mind. Of the 2.3m American veterans who returned from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, up to 20% go on to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point. In a report published by the US Department of Veterans Affairs at least 22 American veterans take their lives every day.

The effects of PTSD can include intrusive memories, heightened anxiety and personality changes. Individuals can also experience hyper-arousal, where they are easily startled, feel “jumpy” and constantly on guard. Standard current treatment for PTSD generally involves prescriptions for antidepressants and psychotherapy, with mixed results.… Read the rest

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Set Your Good Vibe Blasters on High! Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan Talks Yoga, Meditation, Psychedelics and More on Midwest Real.

Via Midwest Real


Yoga, meditation, float tanks, psychedelics, philosophy, creativity, freedom nuggets and shit on the water slide of life.

Liam Wilson Liam Wilson is best known for playing bass in the spastic, technical, incredible progressive metal mainstay, Dillinger Escape Plan. If you’re a fan of heavy music and you somehow haven’t heard of them over the course of the last 15 or so years, I don’t even know what to say.

For those in the “not so much into metal” camp, fear not! This man is likely the opposite of what comes to mind when you imagine a guy with millions of head bangs under his belt. He’s a voracious reader, a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, a yogi, a psychonaut, a student of many philosophies, and a bunch of other things I can guarantee he’d never be comfortable calling himself.

We spent very little time hovering around the surface in this conversation.… Read the rest

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