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The Resurrection of Arthur

Back in 2011, Disinfo helped impart the terrible news that one of my favorite publications in the history of the universe, Arthur, was unfortunately closing down shop (Arthur R.I.P.) due to financial strains, but we failed to tell you the upside. It came back.

So, we’re a little late on this story actually as the new issue officially dropped on December 22nd (those crazy kids) but that’s okay because I just got around to reading the last half of it over weekend anyway. Holy rad.

Arthur holds a special place in my heart. It was the interview they did with Grant Morrison back in 2004 (super embarrassing, didn’t even know who he was at the time) that maybe planted the first suggestion compelling me towards pursuing westernized occultism and chaos magick. A few years before that point I’d burnt out completely reading books about UFO’s and remote viewing. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction fine people.… Read the rest

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Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig Live Happily Ever After in New Zine

HenryGlennThe good people at Microcosm Publishing have sent me a few interesting packages lately and I’ve been sifting through the goodies picking out a few shiny treasures to share with you Disinfonauts.

The crown jewel  is an almost-too-good-to-be-true comic/zine starring buff icons Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig – as gay lovers.

When we first saw this book among Microcosm’s up-coming releases, we anticipated a kind of tongue-in-cheek fan-fiction romance in which the macho-rockers put their tongues in one another’s cheeks – oral or otherwise.

While Henry and Glenn’ wasn’t what we’d expected, we’ve fallen in love with this warm wonder of sweet insanity.

Henry and Glenn’ consists of a number of barely connected cartoons, comic strips and journal entries created by the Igloo Tornado art collective. Rollins is clearly “The Man” in their relationship and some of the book’s best bits find Danzig decked out in various accoutrements, inquiring whether a given get-up makes “my butt look fat?”.Read the rest

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